Back in the saddle again!

2015-12-14 16:05:41 by DJPureSuffer

Come check out my new music! I'm also representing my newgrounds music under the name Xepho!

Lot of progress made since I last posted! :)

I love you Tam Frulp.

Youtube Music

2010-11-22 10:11:40 by DJPureSuffer

I'm actually starting to become active and transfer over most of my music to youtube to try and reach a bigger audience :D Check it out and maybe subscribe if you like what you hear to help give me a jump-start. Of course, Newgrounds will still be my home where I post majority of my work ;D

Youtube Account

Youtube Music

Made a Youtube

2010-04-29 18:07:14 by DJPureSuffer 2

Startin to post music on youtube too


2009-11-29 23:41:23 by DJPureSuffer

4th song on top 30 list achieved! :D thanks for voting guys! ^_^

New cool song yay.

2009-08-21 00:39:30 by DJPureSuffer

New song

I'm actually pretty proud of this song. check it out :D