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really diggin the music XD nah but really, i like this alot. out of all the things that feature my music, this is by far the coolest yet :D

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Yo man...

Fuck the haters, this shit kicks ass! i want MOAAARRRRR

Too legit!

Fucking Pro Badass use of good burger at the beginning...

...and some fucking frucking trucking pro badass use of everything else! XD

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372002 << good kirby song!

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MCarsten responds:

Awesome! I will listen to this! :D

Great game!

Love it! nice job!

Well now

I happened to hold respectable conversations with some newgrounds members of whom i've never met. so this was a very successful addiction to the newgrounds collection in my opinion. Cheers!

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Well now

Thank god you left quite the impression on me with one of your other songs. I saw you're name when you posted a review on some skyrim video, and I was like "HEY! I know this guys name! lemmie see what he's up to!" And then i found this... and its nice...

Now as far as a critical review goes, I don't have much complain about. I like how you made good use of 3xOsc and side-chaining. The song really progresses and changes as it goes, but it simultaneously maintains a very nice solid flow. I feel like the lead seems to overpower some of the other instruments at certain parts. All of this being said, Very nice song! Give this bitch a name!


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It sounds...

...Like you rolled your face back and forth along your keyboard to make this. It doesn't follow any pattern at all, it doesnt have any sense of flow. It's almost like you truly put zero forethought into making this. I have no idea how you thought this sounded pretty good. Even after you added in the "beat" of completely random hats claps and kicks, you had to have noticed that this was the equivalent of a child with down syndrome trying to play the piano while wearing boxing gloves.

dragonslya responds:

You know i really wish you would've written a more constructive review that actually mattered to me, the ending of your review was completely unnecessary and a waste of words. I'm sure you could have included some advice or something helpful to a beginner like me. please next time write something that's worth my time reading and helpful to me.

Not bad

Try to branch out in the range of frequencies that you reach. Most of your song is in the lower half of the spectrum. Other than that, its a good job for sure.

Rinibra responds:

Thank you :)

Music yay

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